söndag 14 december 2008

Komplimanger, komplimanger....

Gissa vem som hamnade pa 20:e plats pa Elwood Bruises lista over NorthWests basta derbyspelare under 2008... Jo, lilla jag... men motiveringen:

20. Swede Hurt (Jet City Rollergirls). Her progress this year has been both amazing and a ton of fun for me to watch. Early on in the season, she was just an average skater out there for Jet City…maybe even a tad below the average line. But you can tell she has something that anyone in the world of front office sports management wants; a desire to become the best she can be. And as the year rolled along, every time I would see Swede play she had become considerably better than the time before. And by the time the Jet City season was over with, you could make a good argument that she had become their best jammer. And not only that, but her blocking is now what I would consider to be well above average. And the great thing is that you can still see that she has plenty of room to improve. And the scary thing is she knows that and is determined to fill that room up.

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