torsdag 18 september 2008

Snälla saker finns skrivna om mig online...

Ellwood Bruise kommer till nästan alla våra och omkringliggande ligors matcher. Sedan skriver han en mycket upplysande blogg om det... Så han blev imponerad av mig, och skrev snälla saker... TRYCK HÄR så kommer ni slängas till hans online blogg... eller så kan ni bara läsa nedan...

Camaro Harem vs. Femme Fianna

The Harem doubled-up the Fianna in the opening bout to the tune of 68-34. Swede Hurt kicked off the game with a 10-0 run over Louda Than Bombs to set the tone early. Over the next few jams, the Fianna managed to cut the lead down to 14-9 after four runs. But then in the 7th jam of the first half, Swede Hurt laid down the law again with a 9-0 tally that put the Harem up by the score of 26-9 and her team never looked back.

Although the Harem dropped the hammer on the scoreboard in the first half which they led 39-21 after the first 15 minutes, the Fianna jammers didn't do themselves many favors to get them back into the game in the second half. Out of the 8 jams played during that span, the Fianna jammers spent time in the penalty box in 6 of those. The Fianna blockers also clamped down quite a bit on the Camaro Harem jammers in the second half, but when your jammer is sitting in the sin bin during that time, you're not gonna get back into a game that way.

Three Stars

3. Skate Pauli Girl. Probably the lone shining player for the Fianna for the night. She posted 19 points in four jams and I also had her down for one hole-opening block.

2. Weed Whack-Her. 12 points in three jams, she was also solid within the pack as a blocker.

1. Swede Hurt. 29 points in four jams. And although I don't officially keep track of this stat, it looks like she made 5 grand slam passes in 6 attempts. She looked like she was unstoppable out there on Saturday night.

Key Jam of the Game

With the Fianna still hanging around late in the first half, Swede Hurt took the jammers cap and reeled-off a 9-0 scoring run that effectively put the game out of reach.

Bad Girl of the Game

Louda Than Bombs of the Femme Fianna served three minutes worth of penalty time.

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